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Don’t let your shells collect any more dust. Rediscover your passion for  shooting  with affordable ammunition from Golden Flash Cartridges,  Victoria ’s number 1 shooting professionals. With over 30 years of experience in professional shooting and reloading, our team promises to provide shooting products which uphold excellence in safety, technicality, performance, reliability and precision.


Golden Flash Cartridges are proud to be associated with Bronzewing products. We have shotgun cartridges on the shelf, Australian made to partner our Australian-made centrefire ammunition.



We pride ourselves on quality control to produce an A-grade round for your shooting. We produce accurate target and hunting loads with variables on projectiles and propellant amounts and sizes. Our high-performance range includes 204, 222, 223, 22-250, 243, 25-303, 270, 30-30, 303, 308, 30-06, 22-303, 270-303, 375H&H, 7x57, 8x57, 45colt, 45-70, 32-20, 6.5x55, 220swift, 310cadet, 22 hornet, 9mm, 38sp, 357, 38super, 300win mag, 338win mag, 44-40, 45acp, 25-06.  All our ammunition, be it new or reloaded, is made to SAAMI SPECS and if there is a calibre you require we can make it.

Prices and selling

We are proud to serve most of Victoria as an Australian local manufacturer. We are able to keep our reload costs to a minimum so our shooting friends can enjoy their sport at a minimal cost. We will buy once fired brass in most common calibres if after cleaning and gauging to they are okay. Our prices are:




25-303`s 87gr sp $45 for 20
223 55gr b/tip $20
308`s 150gr btsp $27 for 20
22-250 55gr b/tip $25 for 20
22 Hornet 45gr $55 for 50
30-06 180gr spbt $27 for 20
243 87gr sp $28 for 20


32-20 115gr RNFP $70 for 50
270-303 130gr sp $55 for 20
 310cadet 122gr RN $70 for 50
25-303 87gr sp $55 for 20
Bullet keyrings $5



Firearms, Fishing & Archery

FIREARMS are now available and we will order in what you require. We have ARCHERY equipment in store which is increasing. We have a large selection of FISHING rods, reels, hooks, etc.


About Us

We are Victoria's cheapest manufacturers and producers of reloaded
and new ammunition. Good value, fairness and friendly service is our
game. Visit us in Maryborough Victoria

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