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Golden Flash Cartridges is an enterprise run by Mary Woodlock.



We are a manufacturing service, making a range of both new and reloaded ammunition.

MaryWe work the tumblers and presses to produce any particular reload you may require and can reload your spent rifle or pistol cases to your specifications, provided they are within safe limits. We also stock reloads for most popular rifle cartridges from.222 Remington up to .300 Winchester Magnum.

In addition we carry a range of new centrefire cartridges which are standard loads in new cases. All centerfire ammunition is loaded to safe pressure levels so they are suitable for use in all firearms without causing pressure problems.  We also carry a selection of commercially loaded ammunition including Falcon shotgun ammunition, .17 and .22 rimfire cartridges plus Federal and Hornandy centerfire rifle ammunition. These carry a higher cost than Golden Flash's Cartridge standard refills. Large runs of the more popular cartridges are assembled on Dillon progressive reload presses while short runs are done on single stage RCBS presses.  Only the best of components are used which include ADI propellants, Federal primers and Sierra, Nosler or Hornady bullets.  Special orders may require something different but will still be assembled from top quality components.

For all your ammunition and reloading needs you have come to the right place.  Call into our shopfront and say hi or visit our online shop

About Us

We are Victoria's cheapest manufacturers and producers of reloaded
and new ammunition. Good value, fairness and friendly service is our
game. Visit us in Maryborough Victoria

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66 Nolan Street Maryborough VIC 3465
(03) 5461 4400
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